1. MIDI Player

  2. Multi-track MIDI file select

  3. Change Key

  4. Change Tempo

  5. Pull key from MIDI file

  6. Pull tempo from MIDI file

  7. Ability to set key

  8. Audio Player (AIF, WAV, MP3)

  9. Slow Down Audio and keep the same key/pitch

  10. Change Key of Audio without changing tempo

  11. Play MIDI with Audio file. No need for audio inputs to practice

  12. Large keyboard display (61, 76, 88 Key versions)

  13. Note Names Above Keys

  14. Ability to choose all flats or sharps

  15. LMS Lessons (Audio and Video Sync) with slow-down function for both simultaneously.

  16. Mixer with Mute and Solo Options

  17. Play keys with QWERTY Keyboard

  18. Transmit MIDI with QWERTY keyboard and record to your DAW without needing a musical keyboard.

  19. Full MIDI Transmit and Receive Controls

  20. Octave Controls

  21. Sustain pedal view

  22. Play keys with your computer keyboard

  23. Pitch bend and mod wheel view

  24. Solfège Notation for International Customers

  25. Left-Hand Right-Hand view in different colors

  26. Transport controls

  27. OSX and Windows (XP/Vista/Windows 7)

  28. ASIO and Core Audio Compatibility

  29. Chord Names

  30. Ability to use VST/AU plugins instead of using GM Sounds

  31. Shortcut keys for transport controls

Slow Down Audio!

Player Version
Pro Version

  1. Ability to create LMS files from a separate Audio and MIDI file.