For those of you who read music, you are very fortunate and we are proud of your accomplishments, but for those of us who play by ear, we have to learn music by hearing. Many of you remember our subsidiary company ReplayInc and their products called CD Looper that slowed down music. Well, this was an amazing software, but the problem with this software is that it does nothing for MIDI. Other software such as Easy Slow Downer and Slow Gold all handle audio just fine, but there is nothing to be able to slow down MIDI AND audio at the same time.

This is what makes MIDIculous so incredible is that it handles audio and MIDI. You get a MIDI input option to be able to play along with the music and even see the chords you are playing. With audio and MIDI capabilies you can slow down audio and/or MIDI by downloading an MP3 or downloading a MIDI file.

Attention: CD Looper, DeComposer, and KaraokeMaker customers from ReplayInc. All of the features you loved from CD Looper will be incorporated into MIDIculous for one complete Learning Package!