How would you like to create your own LMS technology to be able to send to your students? LMS stands for Live-MIDI-Sync. This is what technology we used when we created our first DVD. LMS was a way for us to display the keys, and video instruction at the same time in order to teach a lesson. For many years students and teachers alike have asked for this technology and now we are offering this to you in the Pro version. The Pro version allows for a way teachers to be able to create an LMS file containing audio and MIDI in one file, in order to be able to display a well thought out lesson. Imagine the possibilities of having students all over the world and all you have to do is send them an LMS file. What’s even more amazing is that the student can play along using a MIDI keyboard, they can slow down the music, and even change the key of the lesson. All of the audio and MIDI slows down at the same time. Your students will never be able to say that the lessons are too fast. Now they can slow it down to their own pace.